Oklahoma Horse Fair

Terms & Conditions (12/27/2019)

I hereby consign the foregoing livestock (the "Animals”) to Western Heritage Sales Company, Inc. (WHSC) for sale in the 2020 Oklahoma Horse Fair (OKHF) Select Sale (the "Sale") to be included in the Sale catalog subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. I warrant title to each Animal free from all adverse claims to ownership, use or possession, and agree to defend title against all claims. I authorize WHSC to advertise and sell each animal at public auction, to make the representation and warranties set forth in the Sale Catalog on my behalf, to deliver possession of each Animal to the highest recognized bidder, to transfer title thereto, and to receive and disburse the proceeds of sale from my account.
  2. All animals must be guaranteed sound for 72 hours after sale date by the owner/agent (wind, limb, eyes, cribbing, etc.).
  3. Consignors will be paid 4 days from day of sale.
  4. Catalog fee is non-refundable. Consignor agrees NOT to withdraw entry EXCEPT for serious injury or sickness and will furnish WHSC notarized veterinary statement prior to sale.
  5. OKHF, WHSC, and employees are not responsible for accident, sickness or death of livestock.
  6. HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis) status to be disclosed on all Impressive bred horses.
  7. I agree to deliver to the Sales office upon arrival at the sale the following documents: a) Negative COGGINS TEST dated no earlier than 12 months prior to Sale date - due upon arrival. b) Original Registration Papers and Signed Transfer if selling as Registered. No animal will be sold unless all required documents are on file in the Sales Office prior to the auction.
  8. Limited to 20 ponies up to 56". Ponies must be saddled and ridden or led through the ring with rider.
  9. WHSC reserves the right to screen for quality. Our buyers want and are willing to pay for good horses – bring us your best!